Better data management leads to big savings in distribution of safety materials


A state agency had six safety items to distribute to 65,000 business locations.  These included pocket calendars, wall calendars, a set of 15 safety posters, a supervisor's guide, and a catalogue for a total of one million printed pieces.  Businesses had requested varying quantities of one to all of the items.  

The primary goal was to achieve a more efficient distribution of materials.  After several years of significant complaints and a failure to distribute the materials in a reasonable amount of time, accuracy and getting everything out on time was a priority.


Butler Data Solutions took the master data file and created a subset of recipients that received at least one of the safety pieces.  This became the working database for this project.  The weight of each of the six pieces was determined and entered into the working database.  The weight of all of the pieces being shipped to an address was then calculated.

A distribution cost matrix was established for each USPS breakpoint, and then a maximum weight for UPS was established, with higher weights shipped common carrier.  Based on the cost matrix, each recipient was analyzed to see which shipping method produced the least cost.

Cover sheets were printed and coded for the fulfillment group containing the shipping address and quantities of each product to be shipped.   


Because of the data work and documentation provided, the fulfillment group was able to complete their task under budget and on time.  The customer eliminated complaints, and saved $20,000 in distribution costs.

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