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New Case Study!  Shocking 44% error rate in medical practice's patient address file.  Click here for details.

Are these problems familiar?

  • I need to improve communications with clients and prospects.  But our data is stored in separate sales, billing, shipping, and customer service databases. The formats are incompatible and I need someone to combine the information.
  • Our on-line email list is spiraling out of control.  I need help to standardize and clean it, then merge it with my other marketing list.
  • Everyone keeps telling me how to use my marketing data.  I need a partner that can help create and mange my data.
  • Too many of my marketing pieces are returned or hit the bounce list because my data is out-of-date or just plain incorrect.  This wastes a lot of time and money.
  • I can’t do as much as I’d like to because I’ve only got two hands.  There just isn’t enough time to handle the thousand and one details each marketing initiative takes.

Better Data – Better Marketing?

Accurate data is the key to marketing success.  Without good data you can not target, retain, or track the very customers and prospects needed to increase sales.

Make Your Data GREAT!

We know data!  With 30 years experience, we know how to accumulate, standardize, and enhance your data.   As a partner,  we will make sure you have great data to do all the things you want and need to do.

Butler Data = Better Marketing

What makes us better:

  • Our Professional Database Management
  • Our Back Office Support Services - more than just data
  • We Quantify Marketing Initiatives

If you want to improve your marketing… give us a call.