How accessible is your data?

If data is spread between multiple files controlled by various stakeholders Butler Data will:

  • Merge multiple files into one marketing database
  • Maintain access to data by the original stakeholder 
  • Provide better data management (under your control) 

How accurate is your data?

We have provided professional database services for over 30 years.  We can help you:

Accumulate Your Data

One location for personally identifiable information

  • greater accuracy
  • better data security
  • compliance with privacy policies
Provides more efficient database growth, maintenance and updating

Standardize Your Data

  • Database structure
  • Field content
  • Data entry
  • Address content based on USPS standards
    • eliminate and consolidate duplicates
    • increased efficiencies in data entry

Simplify Your Data

More compact database designs

  • better organization
  • greater accuracy
  • easier maintenance

Remove data points with little to no marketing value

Identify easier ways to accumulate and track data


Update with Change of Address Information

Append information from various industry sources

  • Age
  • Book Buyer
  • Home Owner/Renter


“St. Ann Catholic School has relied on Butler Data to research and purchase our mailing lists, work with our printers to receive our Open House invitations, process our Open House invitations, and mail the invitations to all of our prospective parents.  Butler Data has been reliable, dependable, and cost efficient. Butler Data is the only company we use for our most important projects.  Butler Data receives our highest recommendation; they are professional, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile!”

Sarah Bitzer

If you want to improve your marketing… give us a call.